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    I hope this thread will serve to assist with improving the production values and tips of Makelangelo movies.
    As a Makelangelo Fan, Librarian and STEM lover, my goal is to produce semi-regular movies of the Makelangelo in action. Content is likely to focus on book covers for Elementary and Middle School students (usually on the younger end so everyone knows the books).

    How long should a movie be?
    My sense is that 10 minutes is about the right target. This also keeps the file download size around 150 MB so the user isn’t waiting too long on direct downloads.
    HOWEVER, this requires post-production work in a video to select a speed. Is there a maximum speed, beyond which the user won’t watch? 10x is as high as my editing goes. I think beyond 8x looks unnatural.

    Which drawing style?
    I think there are only two and a half choices.
    Zig Zag is my favorite because it is all one line.
    Scan-Line, and it’s cousin Pulse Line, are also good candidates, especially because usually draws the top, where the book title is, last.

    What other considerations are there?

    Feedback welcome and appreciated on an early effort. It’s at 4x. Zig Zag. Do you know it?

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