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    This blog entry makes made me think that the drawbot/Makelangelo might be good at making mazes. These would be fun to print, and fun to give away. Are there any sample files?

    This might also be a great way to introduce students to programming using the coordinate system.
    However, this might be a case of needing Version 2 Makelango with the pen up feature, since I can’t imagine how to make a continuous line starting at home that could also be “traversed.” Any ideas?


    Hrm…. Good question.

    If I were to do it I’d start by writing some software that generates mazes as a vector image. Then I’d convert those vectors to gcode.

    For Makelangelo v1 I’d retrace my steps to draw the maze, and maybe I’d only make well-formed “get to the center” type mazes. When I say “well-formed” I mean that all the lines are connected and you can use the “follow the right hand wall” solving method.

    For Makelangelo v2 I’d say all bets are off, make any kind of maze you like. Have the kids draw mazes in inkscape, then save them out as DXF and convert them in cambam.

    I would love to have SVG support so we could skip the cambam step but I’m just not smart enough to grok the SVG format. Anyone want to mod the software?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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