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    Once in a while the serial communication between the computer and the robot will have a very subtle failure – a single byte of data will be lost from a message. This can have spectacular effect if the byte lost is, for example, a decimal place: 24.5 becomes 245. Whoops!

    To prevent this from happening again I’ve added line numbering and checksum testing to the serial communications. If the robot gets a message that is out of order or is missing a byte it will request that funky line be sent again.

    I have tested this a few times on my local machine. The challenge with getting rid of a bug like this is that it’s hard to prove it’s really gone since it didn’t happen much in the first place. That’s why I hope you can help!

    If you are feeling brave please get the latest from Github and try some long drawings without the SD card – use only the USB connection. Let me know if you have any failures, and if you see the BADCHECKSUM or BADLINENUM message fly past in the message window.

    Report your success/fail here. A photo would be awesome!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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