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    This update is in Github but not yet announced on the website. This is your chance to be on the bleeding edge. Please report any issues!

    Note: This update will erase your machine configuration settings. Write down your settings for your machine, paper, bobbins, and tools before running this update.

    Grab it here:

    – redesigned machine configurations so one program can store many configs and configs can be loaded while offline.
    – added version to preferences for future compatibility
    – reorganized project files a bit for clarity
    – moved connect menu out of settings menu
    – fixed default pulley diameter for M3 kit
    – fixed default machine size for recommended M3 kit dimensions

    – fixed opening recent file that doesn’t exist shows better error message
    – fixed opening recent file that doesn’t exist removes recent file listing

    – fixed LCD % complete wrong on second print

    – added pen lift speed config in adjust tool
    – added RGB generator for Black/Red/Green/Blue drawings
    – added motor invert flag to machine config
    – changed tool names in software are now only stored in one place (the tool itself)

    – fixed colouring while connected drawing
    – toying with “hide undrawn section”

    – optimized for faster rendering
    – removed hidden drawable elements
    – halved the number of line segments in spirals. no visible effect, faster drawing.
    – removed many debug messages from text writing
    – fixed: pen now lifts at the end of message writing
    – added zoom to fit paper on program start

    – added text for the 4 laws of robotics
    – added text for the ASCII table
    – removed built-in kerning from all characters
    – changed BufferedWriter to OutputStreamWriter to simplify my life
    – Move common filter behaviours into Filter base class
    – Added Filter_YourMessageHere

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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