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    There is a bug which has appeared in makelangelo-firmware between versions 7.15.0 and 7.15.3.

    Most bugs are easy to isolate – find where the problem begins, then fix that line.

    This bug is special: It’s origin is shrouded in mystery, and sometimes trying to find it causes it to move!


    With a Makelangelo 5 robot (RUMBA+two stepper motors+LCD panel w/ SD card)…

    – install firmware 7.15.3
    – Open the serial window at 57600 baud to the robot
    – set “newline” in the dropdown in the bottom right.
    – in the top text field, type “G28” and hit enter.
    * the robot will move until the weights touch the switches
    * the robot will then drive the pen to the home position
    * the screen will give some status update reports and should end with “DONE”.
    ! the message gets as far as “DO-” and then the “Hello World” message appears because the robot JUST REBOOTED.

    Are you seeing the same thing? Please confirm.

    I took the 7.15.0 code and started adding features from *.3 into *.0 one at a time to see where the problem began. This is where the mystery gets really freaky! lcd.ino line ~160 is

    MENU_ACTION(“Find home”, LCD_find_home);

    if I remove the MENU_ACTION line and upload the robot does not reboot. This is really bizarre because this code is not being run while the robot is going home. It should not have any effect! So I am stumped.

    If you have some idea why this is happening, we would really really like to know.

    Please & Thank you.


    Fixed in the development version.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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