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    AvatarJosef Rozinek

    Hey y’all!

    I just finished setting up my Makelangelo 5 with the endstops, 11ga mild steel frame and my own belt tensioners!
    Upon “find home” command, it succesfully moves until the endstops are engaged.
    I’d like to start plotting, but the head now thinks it is on the top of the page when in fact it is at the bottom. This obviously leads to my favourite “grinding noises” when attempting to draw.

    What am I missing? What is the missing step?

    Thank you for all your help in advance!



    Why does it believe it is at the top?

    Can you share a pic of your machine?

    AvatarJosef Rozinek

    Hi Dan,

    I figured it thinks it is at the top, since the gondola shows on top edge of paper after homing, even though it is physically at the bottom.

    My latest attempt went this way:
    I reflashed the machine with the latest firmware. Makelangelo 5+.
    Upon pressing “Find home” it goes all the way to endstops nice and fast and that is it.
    Then upon pressing “Go home” is when it get’s weird.
    It takes about 2 minutes at an extreme slow snails pace to take the weights from endstops pressed to a position 2″ below, see pic:

    How is the homing sequence supposed to go?



    Good morning,
    after having a similar problem with my Makelangelo 5 build yesterday I reply here instead of opening a new topic.
    First of all I want to thank Dan and all participants for having created such a great piece of hard and software.

    My Machine is a Makelangelo 5 with a RUMBA board, a Reprap Smart LCD and 4988 drivers
    (4A Powersupply, 200steps/rev Motors)

    When using the latest release: (which says that there is a local_config.h introduced… wich definitely is not πŸ˜‰ )

    -> Find home does its thing right, moves weights uo till the endstops and then seems to wait for input.
    -> Moving motors via rotary dial does not work (only one mm forward and backward are executed)
    When i am connecting the pc software and send a drawing (just a fibonacci test) the Makelangelo asks to confirm the inserted black pen on the display and then it is just stuck… locked up and nothing happens any more. a reset is needed in order to get it responding again.

    When using the latest Master from Github i get the same strange issue. and something more.
    -> Find home does its thing right, moves weights uo till the endstops and then something strange happens -> the motors ,kind of “drift” backwards slowly.

    I don’t know what happens here, unfortunately the verbose serial debug option does not do anything after activating (the compile complains that no motornames are defined, but this is an easy fix)

    Can some wrong plug cause these issues? I am trying to switch every important component in the next days (other display, other rumba board…) for testing

    Do you have any hints?

    Cheers Chris


    The best place to contribute bug reports is

    Having said that… it sounds like you didn’t create a local_config.h and put your config in. the firmware used default settings and …I haven’t checked what those are in a while.

    copy ./presets/makelangelo5.h? to ./local_config.h and it should work.

    I’ll have to update this document with the new steps:


    Good Morning,

    I just wanted to help and because I did not see a bug on your side so far (the version just does not have an option for local config in the zip package but says it does…)


    The other things I need to check by moving hardware around (and probably there is a bug on sw side… yet still to find out πŸ˜€ … I just was searching for a hint…)

    I will check the Version after donating 10CDN and contributing to the project as well.

    Cheers Chris


    Good point! I have updated the master branch of makelangelo-firmware.


    Good news -> My Makelangelo 5 clone works (kind of)
    – The steps per revolution have been wrong
    – I forgot to send D11 before using it
    – The java software is just a miracle and does things oddly (i use some nightly because on all others the jsslib crashes upon connect

    I have one important question and could not find the answer after reading almost anything i could find.
    How long are the standard timing belts (and how are they measured…)
    In the initial config there is 1025mm but how is this measured?
    -> endstop plate to hook?
    -> just the belt?
    -> endstop plate to middle of gondola?

    currently i can not get it right -> all tests are just off dimensions
    (skewing, bending… whatever)

    Thanks a lot for your help Dan
    I’ll keep on contributing (winter ist coming and we expect heavy snow and there is a second covid lockdown anyway here in austria)

    AvatarJosef Rozinek

    Following all the notes and the Dozuki I reinstalled everything and I am drawing again!!
    Where in North Van do I drop off the beer? πŸ˜€

    Now for some reason lot of the controls in the software have a “Missing:” prefix to it, any ideas why?

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