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    Hi Dan, after long delay, I’m trying to get my Makelangelo 5 up and running.
    I have the latest firmware installed.
    The main issue so far is that when I home from the machine interface (computer not connected), the right motor turns the wrong way (clockwise instead of CCW)!
    As far as I can tell from the pictures, the motors are connected correctly (I never changed them).

    Any suggestions?


    The right motor plug should have the yellow wire on the left side. it can be unplugged and flipped when the power is off.
    If it’s still wrong, try

    – open makelangelo-software
    – connect
    – expand advanced dialog at bottom.
    – type D8
    – report results

    the numbers should be close to D8 R1011 L1011. These can be tweaked, along with the calibration pattern, to perfect the homing routine and get square images.
    One time I ran a calibrated robot that had somehow gotten scrambled and it would home to the middle-left side.


    Thanks. The right motor was plugged in backwards. I suspected that, but the picture on your website shows the yellow wire on the right for both motors.
    Can you clarify what’s the best orientation for the gondola clips? The audio on your video is pretty quiet.
    I think the clip from the inside edge of the gondola. Are they supposed to be the same (belt from the back) or opposite (one in front and one in back)?



    I like both clips belt on back. purely aesthetic. not convinced there’s a functional difference.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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