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    Hi guys,

    I have a couple of problems starting up my recently purchased Makelangelo 3

    1. The pen holder moves only upwards ( We think its a problem with the wiring, everything works fine, but the Pen Holder only goes up, no matter which direction we tell him through the software to go, please look at enclosed pictures)

    2. The pen doesn’t go down / up to the paper (Doesn’t respond on the command)

    My current setup:



    What happens when you use Jog Motor?

    Did you swap the wire for the servo? I can’t tell from the photograph. Test Current Tool gives you a way to test if the servo moves at all.


    I still have two problems
    1. The lines are not straight, see:

    2. Jog Motors
    If i invert 1 motor the y axe works correctly
    If i invert 1 motor the x axe works correctly
    When i try to invert both Motors, they both go the wrong way (Up is down, left is right)



    I have not seen this particular combination of issues before.

    It looks like you have X and Y movement working. Now to make it better!

    My first guess is that your calibration settings need improvement. What are the dimensions of the board and where did you put your starting point?

    My second guess is that your counterweights are touching something when they move or they are the wrong weight and the belt is skipping on the pulleys.


    We have added some weight, doesn’t seem to help much, our counterweights do not touch the ground.

    We still cant make straight lines, only half circles

    Our starting point is in the middle of a 60 x 60 board

    Also the motors are getting really hot! Is this normal?

    The wiring of the control box (Rumbo) is different than the image in the tutorial
    We used this, because otherwise it did not work at all:

    What is the right one?

    Hope you can help us out! We experience a lot of problems making the Makelangelo work


    60 x 60 cm? What is your calibration in the software?

    The picture you post here is for 3d printers, their motors use different color wires but the idea is the same.


    – board size: 600 * 600 (being the distance between the center of the two motors)
    – paper size: 300 * 300
    – center point: 300 from top, 300 from left
    – set home

    Connections to the motor: your description in the construction manual is wrong. If I follow this, the motors do not move the penholder. I followed the color sequence for the 3d printer (as in the picture) and then the motors move…

    Issues: no straight lines, not back to home position with ‘go home’.

    I changes the connection for the motor: left motor to right connector and right motor to left connector: now i can make straight lines… Finally!

    Now a picture: left the original, right the result.

    – penholder moves much too high on the board, outside the drawing area I defined.
    – topside of the drawing is drawn with too much space in-between. the lower side starts looking to the original but is still strange.

    I can send you the original drawing, so you can test it yourself.

    What can be the problem here? Could it be a software problem? We installed the latest software from the git-hub.

    kind regards

    ps. also the connections of the pen lifter are wrong: you have to split the connector to make the right connections! (red, black, white)


    I’ve never seen an image broken like that. Exciting!

    The next thing I would check is if the pulleys are a different size than the configuration.
    I assume you’re using the very latest version of the software from Github.
    There are buttons for left, right, top, and bottom. These should drive to the edge of the paper and no further.
    Do they stop at the edge? Be prepared to kill power if it goes too far.

    ….wait. Are you using 200 step-per-turn NEMA17 motors? A small number of kits were shipped with these motors when our main supplier was late delivering new steppers. Our main supplier ships 400 step-per-turn motors. The best solution is to change the line in the arduino configuration.h file

    #define STEP_PER_TURN (400) // <– change to 200

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