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    Hello Dan, I finally find the time to experiment the makelangelo 3.2. I plugged it yesterday for the first time.
    Problem the screen only displays blue squares and it’s impossible to make it work. I try to connect to it by the pc, I find the right com com, I connect, but no action is possible.
    Thank you for your help.


    First picture, possible contrast setting is wrong. Behind screen is a small metal dial. turn it slowly and squares should turn into letters, or fade out completely.


    Second picture, white/red/black wire is in the wrong place. Very wrong. Look at EXP3. The connection should be

    . EXP3. . .\/ 12v
    o o o o o o o o
    o o o o w r b o

    probably the wrong connection is making the board crazy. possible unknown damage. incorrect connections are dangerous!


    ok i change the connection.
    I found them strange too. These are yours, I did not touch anything.
    and I test the screen setting and make you a return.
    Thank you


    Sorry Dan, but the contrast wheel does not change squares into letters. It just changes their contrast.
    I changed the connection.
    Unfortunately still not functioning.
    Is it possible that the firmware is not installed ?

    thanks for your help


    This is really odd. Every unit gets tested before it leaves the shop. I don’t know how a unit could be so uniquely wrong.

    Yes, it’s possible the firmware isn’t installed. I don’t know how the LCD would react with no instructions.


    Hello Dan,
    You have certainly delegated the manufacture to another person. For your information, the screws were not tight and I was obliged to fix the piece of wood that bore the metal mat for the pen.
    And the power connector is impossible to properly screw, the nozzle is faulty.
    It really does a lot!
    Do you know why?
    Occasionally I just want to operate your machine to which I have changed nothing.
    Past Order: Order # 19319 (March 6, 2018)

    I really feel that it’s firmware because when I connect the card to the program by pc, it is impossible for me to do any action.

    How do I proceed?
    Do I have to use the arduino program to transfer the firmware?
    I have never done that.
    thank you for your answer,


    I appreciate your anger and I want you to be happy. That’s why I’m working with you to make it better.

    I personally test all kits so this is my responsibility. It is very rare I have anyone else make them – it’s slower to train someone else than to do it myself.

    The power connector screw and nut have always been like that on every model. I am aware that it twists in the hole, it has never proven to be an issue.

    Some of the M3 screws can shake loose in transportation. This is an issue we’ve addressed in the M5. I’ll try to find a way to make future M3s shake-proof.

    You will need the Arduion app from
    Then you’ll need the Makelangelo-firmware.
    Connect the robot to the PC. lights on the board should be on. If not, connect power to the board as well. your PC will probably make a sound when it connects.
    Start Arduino.
    Choose Tools > Board and select “mega 2560”
    Choose Tools > Port and select the port for your board (probably says “mega 2560” next to the port)
    Choose File > Open and select [your downloads]/Makelangelo-firmware/Makelangelo-firmware.ino.
    Choose file “robot_polargraph.h”

    //#define MACHINE_HARDWARE_VERSION 3 // If you have a makelangelo 3+
    #define MACHINE_HARDWARE_VERSION 5 // If you have a makelangelo 5+

    Change to

    #define MACHINE_HARDWARE_VERSION 3 // If you have a makelangelo 3+
    //#define MACHINE_HARDWARE_VERSION 5 // If you have a makelangelo 5+

    Click the “Upload” button (second green circle from the left, image of an arrow pointing right)
    If all goes well firmware will upload OK in a few seconds.
    Robot will then reboot immediately.
    You can confirm code is running by clicking the magnifying glass (far right of circles)
    First message that appears should say “Hello world! I am a polargraph” and then more helpful text with instructions for direct manual communication with the machine.


    Thank you for your quick response as usual.
    I am your instructions.
    I give you news very quickly, but it’s 6 hours off …. I’m in France.
    I feel you very caring.
    Thank you


    Mon clavier n’as pas d’accents et ma grammaire est tres rouille mais je comprends. si tu prefere ecrire en francais.


    Merci Dan,
    cela me fait travailler mon anglais c’est une bonne chose.
    Je ne savais pas si tu étais francophone.

    pour le moment je continus en anglais c’est mieux pour le forum.
    Je fais la manipulation pour le fimeware dans l’heure qui vient.


    The news are good.
    Thank you very much Dan
    The screen is displayed.
    Obviously there are still a lot of curiosities.
    In the control panel on the pc, when I ask him to go up sometimes he goes up then to the command after on the same button it goes down!
    the driving brain of the pencil does not fit well, but I think I can adjust that in the settings. It’s almost always a little noise, but maybe it’s normal?
    When I propose a file via the SD card it loads percentages, but does’t draw.
    I’m doing tests and I’m coming back to you if I can not find a solution.

    Les nouvelles sont bonnes.
    Merci beaucoup Dan
    L’écran s’affiche.
    Visiblement il y as encore pas mal de curiositées.
    Dans le paneau de contrôl sur le pc, quand je lui demande de monter parfois il monte puis à la commande d’après sur le même bouton il descend!
    le cerveau moteur du crayon ne se possitionne pas bien, mais je crois pouvoir régler cela dans les paramètres. Il fait presque tout le temps un petit bruit, mais c’est peut-être normal?
    Quand je lui propose un fichier via la carte sd il charge des pourcentage, mais ne dessine pas.
    Je fais des tests et je reviens vers toi si je ne trouve pas de solution.


    Make sure to home the machine before drawing?

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