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    Hello everybody i’ve just built my first polograph machine followign this instructable using the ramps 1.4 i’ve just uploaded the firmware to the board and i can controll it with the makelangelo software but the problem is that when i plug the lcd it dosen’t work i just get a blue screen and i’ve uploaded the same firrware as the instructable i have a reprap 12864 lcd does anyobdy knows how i can solve this problem thanks and i’m a beginner on this like said i’ve just finished building it today


    The instructable firmware instructions are probably out of date. Try this:


    i did that, with no luck lcd still blank


    According to this thread
    Everything should be the same but one of the connector is physically rotated 180 degrees.
    Does that make sense? It could just be you have a cable backwards.


    Solved !!! Thats how it works

    In BOARD RAMPS .H changing

    // LCD pins
    #ifdef LCD_IS_128X64
    // 128×64 full graphics controller
    #define BEEPER 37

    //#define LCD_PINS_RS 19
    //#define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 42
    //#define LCD_PINS_D4 18
    // these alternate pins might help – see
    #define LCD_PINS_RS 16
    #define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 17
    #define LCD_PINS_D4 23

    #define LCD_PINS_D5 25
    #define LCD_PINS_D6 27
    #define LCD_PINS_D7 29

    // Encoder rotation values
    #define BTN_EN1 31
    #define BTN_EN2 33
    #define BTN_ENC 35

    // SD card settings
    #define SDPOWER -1
    #define SDSS 53
    #define SDCARDDETECT 49


    In CONFIGURE.H changing

    // LCD panels supported

    #define HAS_LCD // if you have an LCD panel
    #define HAS_SD // if you have SD card support on your LCD panel (must be on panel?)

    // only uncomment one of these options
    #define LCD_IS_128X64 // reprapdiscount Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller
    //#define LCD_IS_SMART // reprapdiscount Smart LCD Controller (including XXL model)



    I have added your pin number changes to makelangelo-firmware dev branch. Can you confirm I got it right?


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