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    I’d like to try out the latest experimental build of the Makelangelo software (I think it is version 7.22.6 experimental). The speed and smoothness improvements sound really good, and I hope they’ll work also with my custom Polargraph.

    But version 7.22.6 quits after the splash screen (image of a Makelangelo). This is on a fully updated Windows 10 Pro. The release version does open (version 7.21.0).

    Is there anything I could try to get the latest experimental version working?


    Yeah I also wanna know about this software, because need it, I saw a different version on Mixbook coupons, but I just don’t know which one will best do work on Imac pro, because I heard it’s not working well on it, so plz let me know that this latest version will do work on I mac pro..?


    Version 8 release clients are being tested in Discord right now. Join us!



    Thanks! Tried that out.
    I like to zoom in to the image and look at the detail while plotting. Is this possible with version 8?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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