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    Hi – Awaiting delivery of a Stewart Platform. In the meantime, trying to prepare as much as I can for when it arrives.
    Maybe I’m being dense, but I can’t find any specification or quick-start documentation. Is there an interface protocol definition spec? Will the platform arrive with the Arduino controller already programmed? Is the algorithm for the relative movements in the controller, or in Robot Overlord (I assume the controller).
    Assuming the protocol is serial, text based I guess I can use almost any front end, Like labview for example?
    I have downloaded Robot Overlord but there’s also no documents with that either – eg the interface parameters for the platform (or any target for that matter).
    Appreciate that the platform is project in itself – but I am trying to integrate it as just one item in a larger project that all needs to work together.
    Or have I just missed a whole section of the support web site?

    Thanks, Al

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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