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    This post refers to the October 2016 of Wired Magazine. p 84 Inside Nike’s Secret Underground Lab… Tinker Hatfield was sitting at his drafting table in his office in Beaverton, Oregon…

    There is a picture of an office above this article. On the wall of the office, there is a picture of Michael Jordan drawn with one line.
    This made me wonder how this picture was made. Is it a big zig-zag? Veroni zig-zag? Who is the artist? Could I duplicate this?

    I was pleased that a highly successful professional thought that this kind of drawing is art worthy.

    Office Scene
    Picture Close Up


    voronoi zigzag could definitely do this. big zigzag might also work, tho I suspect it’s voronoi that’s been used.


    Hi, my name is Brian, and I came got to this space through this comment on reddit:

    And through that, I found this site.

    Here’s my thing. In the very near future, I am looking to do a string art piece similar in vein to this for my wife.

    I know very little about the programming or robotics that MarginallyClever is involved with. I’m sure I could get the code on that github page running with a little GoogleFu and ingenuity, but here is what I’m looking to do:

    I want to take a large frame sized board (roughly 40″x40″ give or take) and position a series of nails on it in a perfect circle. The amount of nails would determine the complexity of the final image, but for argument’s sake, let’s say I have a program that can tell me how many (or me tell it) how many points(nails), and with a numbering system and an input of an image, give me instructions on which point(nail) to wrap the string around.

    Is this possible?


    the video in question:

    Brian, yes. I just updated the processing code to print the order of the nails. If you have N nails,

    Nail N0.00 is east.
    Nail N0.25 is north.
    Nail N0.75 is south.

    You will want to change in the code….

    numberOfPoints (number of nails)
    totalLinesToDraw (how many times to wrap around a nail and make a new string)

    Also at the top of setup() near line 49 you will see

    img = loadImage(“2016-05-08 greek woman.JPG”);

    change the part in the quotes with your jpg file. On the very next line it says


    the 1336 should be your image width * 2, and 1000 should be your image height.

    Be sure to pause the code while it running, the output window only holds about 500 lines and (by default) the demo generates 3000 lines. So 2500 fly off the screen unless you pause and copy them to a text file.

    Share your results with us, please!


    Thank you so much for the reply and the work you put into it. I don’t have all the materials ready for the project yet, but I promise you when I get on it and finish, you’ll see the results. You’re the best type of person.


    NO U


    Great resource sharing, thanks for the help.

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