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    I am using Makelangelo 3.2 with the newest Makelangelo software and new firmware update for board. I am not finding the documentation on how to print using the SD card. Could someone point me to it or explain how?



    Generate your image.
    Save your gcode to the sd card.
    Insert the sd card into the LCD controller.
    Home your machine.
    Click the LCD controller dial and scroll down to “This is home.” Click again.
    Click the LCD controller dial and scroll down to “Start from file…” Click again.
    Scroll down to your file and click one last time.
    Drawing should begin immediately. There will be no “please insert a pen” warning.


    Thank you!


    Does the SD card need to be formatted a certain way? I pop mine in, and then I can see a new menu item “print from .NGC”, but when I select that I just see the word “back”.
    So it seems to know that a card is inserted, but it is not able to read it?


    and the files are there when you put the SD card in your PC? the SD card reader only ignores files starting with _ or directories.



    I have an issue with the SD card. I use a RAMPS board and the newest software and firmware. When I put the SD card into the 128×64 display, it is recognized but when I press the Encoder, there is no menu or files. In the PC, the files are on the SD card and named ‘robot.ngc’ or ‘art.ngc’.

    Do you have an idea why there is nothing shown in the SD menu? I would really like to use the polargraph without the USB cable.



    sounds like the pins for the SD card on the 128×64 display are not correct when used with RAMPS. If you look in board_ramps.h hear line 60,

    // these alternate pins might help – see
    //#define LCD_PINS_RS 16
    //#define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 17
    //#define LCD_PINS_D4 23

    and further down there are

    // SD card settings
    #define SDPOWER 31
    #define SDSS 33
    #define SDCARDDETECT 35

    which may be wrong for your specific board. Please try some other pins and let us know what the correct values for your board should be.


    Hi Dan,

    I tried both pin settings but the SD card was only recognised with the pins you posted.
    The problem is that the SD card is only recognised but the files are not shown in the menu.
    I also tried different cards and formatted them.

    Do you have more ideas?

    Thx Felix 🙂

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