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    Nick Vine

    I have downloaded makelangelo firmware. I have burned the hex file to arduino mega 2560.
    Makelangelo Software can connect. I am using Easydriver boards with an input for enable,dir,step.
    However, I do not know which pins from the mega are sending the signals for
    xdir, xstep, ydir, ystep, Servo?, limit switches etc…

    eg. Where to put easydriver input pins so mega output can be connected to correct mega out pins

    I have Easydriver boards wired to the motors. I can drive these using a sketch to pins of my choice.

    Hope this clearly describes the problem>


    I would look in ramps.h for the pins used on ramps shields and then use the same for the EasyDriver. I’m sorry that doesn’t help much, but I’ve never built a system from EasyDrivers.

    Nick Vine

    Hi, Even though I don’t have a rumba board. The compile is taking it’s settings from the rumba.h file. I can set my pins there. Once I then run makelangelo 7.24.5 java file I can connect, raise and lower the pen and jog left, right, up, down. However once I hit “start”, one motor heads for the hills and that’s the end of the matter.

    Ideas? I wundered if it was looking for a limit switch?, are limit switches NC or NO?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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