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    İ working on makelangelo since 4 moth and i I couldn’t find to problem. İ tried it on MacOs and Windows 10 . hardware moving good. But the draws have got a few problems.Pen was good working.
    i used A4988 for motor driver .
    i used https://github.com/MarginallyClever/Makelangelo-firmware for firmware

    i think my big problem is makelangelo.jar because its not efficient work on all Os
    On mac os,
    I entering true value about measures and i start . but it couldn’t true line . its doing like “ U “ for line .i changed to my value but didnt change anything . Program don’t look at my values .
    On Windows 10 ,
    i tried all makelangelo versions . X+100 or others wasn’t never 10 cm . They are was 8 cm and it was working little good.i was continue with this problem.İ started and horizontals was good but it was slide when it started to vertical. i waited to finish vertical.And next time , it was start cross left and it was slide again. And it was slide next cross right.This mean , problem is on Jar file.
    İ changed to measure values but this line’s cm didnt change . my changes didnt change nothing .
    and i changed my makelangelo version. this time , my line was long than 10 cm . They was 12-14 cm .Next makelangelo versions couldn’t make gcode . İ find new problems when i change my verision. And i dont know to i have to use which java version.
    my makelangelo start first slow and its start fast after first “ start and stop “ and it working when i open a picture file than fist start working .
    my questions , i must use which version on MacOs or Windows ?
    if u want , i can upload to photos , i wanna make this and i waiting your answer. İ will not give up. Thanks for everything .
    ( my english is bad, i know it and i will fix it too 🙂 )


    If you have a way to make the software more efficient please send in your pull request to the github project.

    We do not officially support DIY machines from non-customers, but let’s try.

    I suggest you post photos of your setup, a list of your parts, and your software settings. Then maybe someone in these forums can see what’s different.


    About software :
    Software and Firstly, i found and download makelangelo sofware in .this page at this site. İ didnt know to this web site sell it .u giving answer in a day ,thanks for it . İ promise you , i will buy for support you to when its working. İ check it , its 8 dollar , you sell it very cheep .Thanks for it.

    About Problems;

    i said ” i think my big problem is makelangelo.jar because its not efficient work on all Os” its working good but on not my pc . Something is wrong . something it breaks but i dont know to what.
    i used and i tried with it. its start good and finished great horizontal final draw . its slide when next type draw . My hardware is working good because its can a straight line and the square ( in photo ) was great just horizontal . When its started to vertical , it was side . And its slide 3 times when change to type of lines.They are great just 1 style without other styles. if the lines were on top, its was great and was good working . İ think makelangelo isn’t working well at my pc .
    Maybe problem is a java version.i dont know to i need which java version. Maybe problems is it . i tried to at link makelangelo. i saw a error at cmd windows. u can look at this photo to error code. error page at cmd windows İ am not sure to it is not good working for this error. İ hope you will help me .
    Finally ;
    i will buy a makalzangelo version when i finish it .İ am waiting to your help.Thanks for everything .


    i entered to link but i didnt see at .
    About software (link );
    i downloaded and i used it from in this link.
    plese open to photos with ” right click , open to image ”

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