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    I have wired my motors to motor shield, uploaded GcodeCNCDemo2AxisV1, installed library’s and It’s “working” – in serial monitor so as in GcodeSender. I got console M114- “>M114 X0.00 Y0.00 F200.00 ABS>” It moves for example “G0 X100 Y100”
    but when it comes to upload any file.nc it moves only first line I would say, then it stops and nothing is happening. THis is part of my file.nc:
    G0 X-0. Y0.

    G1 F30.000000
    G1 X16.3958 Y39.9394
    G1 X22.4824 Y39.9394
    G1 X39.9557 Y0.
    G1 X33.5197 Y0.
    G1 X28.5398 Y12.0962
    G1 X10.6879 Y12.0962
    G1 X5.9992 Y0.
    G1 X-0. Y0.

    Coming to question:
    Moving X form 0 to 100 moves my motor (thing attached to it) for like 15mm – so I think it’s not so much when if taking “G1 X16.3958 Y39.9394” means it moves for like 1mm/5mm, hmm I made file.nc in inkscape with doc size 40x40mm I am lost now, I wanted to work on mm, I hope I work on them… :/ I need help with understanding how it works guy’s, so what can I do ?
    Sorry for my english :p
    Appreciate any help, I am learning and I don’t want to just have something working and do not know how it works.
    So teach me senpais please 🙂

    I just found out that when I upload gcode and it’s “waiting” when I press reset it is working (I think) but still working space it 40x40mm and how to set it to this size ?


    When you upload, are you including the ‘n’ character at the end of the command? The latest compiled version might still be sending only a ‘;’ without ‘n’. The arduino code will wait for n before processing the instruction.

    your gcode looks correct. I don’t remember m3 or m5 off the top of my head.

    if you are moving x10 and it doesn’t move 1cm, then you have to check a few things:
    – steps per rotation on the stepper motor
    – microstepping settings
    – pulley diameter

    all of which can change the amount of belt moved per step.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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