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    I’ve just pushed an update for gcodecncdemo.

    The code has been simplified – at least one of the projects was redundant.

    The code has been compartmentalized – stuff specific to one PCB has been moved to a file for that PCB. this way you can make a file for just your PCB, tweak it, and not have to figure out all the rest.

    If you add support for a new board, please send a pull request so that I can share it with everyone else.


    1. Where are installation instructions.
    2. Some advice about step jumper setting. I put all jumper (1/16 step) and is ok bu when i set jumpers for 1/2 1/4 or full step the motors are buzzing but not moving.
    3. Another issue is that I am using 1.8 deg motors so i set STEPS_PER_TURN to 200 but motors make only 3/4 of full turn. When I set STEPS_PER_TURN to 250 motors make full turn.

    I am usin Ramps 1.4 with GcodeCNCDemo4AxisRAMPS software.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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