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    im having huge problems getting some drawings done.
    i will admit im using the old arduino uno and the adfruit motor driver v1 this firwmware
    i have drawn a few things but i cant get it to draw cad style images.for example if i draw a cube in photoshop and convert it to a dxf in inkscape it looks fine but as soon as i open it in your software it loses loads of the edges.
    see this photo for before and after.
    screenshot in inkscape before saving as dxf:
    screenshot in software:

    as an example i have no idea how you manage to get images like this without there being loads of missing lines in the conversion?
    as another example many of the images on this page are like what im trying to do but when i convert them half the lines are missing.

    could you explain how to do that?

    am i going about this the wrong way?

    i had the idea i could draw in photoshop and covert to dxf in inkscape and then run through your software to be plotted but i cant understand what software alows high quality cad like plotting.the thing is that in inkscape half my drawing are perfect.

    if you could help it would be great thanks.

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