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    Hi. Makelangelo 5. Not sure on the firmware version (how do I check this?) but it’s about a month old.

    If I set paper size to A2, Find Home and Border work great.

    If I set paper size to A1, Find Home works but Border sorta loses it. It seems to be trying to draw the border but the weights both end up in the endstops (I can definitely hear the switches click) and don’t stop. I’ve even had this pull out the belts more than once.

    I have a few images that I’d like to print larger than A2 – not full A1 size but larger than A2. They’re definitely within the width of the ‘5 and I’m almost positive they’re not too tall.

    How can I print these? When it’s pulled out the belts, I’ve had pieces break – this isn’t a huge problem since I have a 3D printer but I’d like to avoid it happening again. I guess the bit I’m most nervous about is if it will try to go above the highest point possible.

    Is there a recipe for drawing outside the lines or maybe notes on things to check to help ensure success when doing this?


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