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    Hi Dan,

    i received my makeangelo 5 one week ago and after changing broken servo motor and some broken spacer from the right stepper motor everything seemd to be fine.
    Then i installed it on a wood panel following the instructions and made a run test to check accuracy and here on the photo is the result i got :
    as you can see top of all A2 A3 A4 squares are deformed, also if you measure the A2 square from all angle point you see that space between the two top corners is 46,5cm when the space between the two bottom corners is 46cm when both distance should be 42cm.
    Also vertical distance is 57cm when it should be 59.4cm.

    Could you please tell me how to fix that ? thanks in advance, David


    deformed border squares

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    That’s not right…. can I see the motor mounts at the top? It could also be that the machine is incorrect about the length of the belt. as a result it thinks the center is lower than it actually is. this means the drawing happens higher than it should, and you get this warping effect.

    We can solve this in software, it’s just a question of figuring out what’s changed.


    hey Dan thanks for your reply, so here are the pictures of the motors,

    how do you modify or verify the belt length in the machine ?


    D11 in your firmware should do the default setup.

    D7 and D8 commands will show or update the belt length. if your test drawing is coming out crooked, shorten a few millimeters. I use the “run border” command from the LCD to check if the drawing is square.

    by default D11 should be enough because we use a machine to cut belt with good precision (0.1mm) and all machines are built the same AND they drew the picture correctly so…

    if you’re running the dev branch of the firmware I believe D11 has been replaced with M502, factory reset.


    sorry but all this is quite new for me so now i have other questions:

    -first do i have to install new firmware like this one in the machine ? :
    -then you speak about D11 or M502 commands, but how to use those commands ?, is it something i must change in the firmware text code or somewhere else in a software or command invit ?

    if you could clarify the steps, im totally new to the process 🙂


    so i sent the D11 command like explain in the step 9 of updating firmware.
    then i did the D7 command and changed belt length from 1025.00 to 1000.00
    then i checked in lcd screen the settings to see if it has changed, and i could verify that
    the belt length was modified to 1000.00
    So i did again the draw A2 A3 A4 draw sqaure command to see if those belt change would be better, and unfortunnately it was still same deformed result with no difference ..
    so i did again D7 to comeback to 1025.00 length .


    I don t understand i bought the makelangelo5 for 480cad ready to use, plugged it and its not working at all. firmware and settings should be the good ones and working fine so why am i facing this issue ?


    so i tried to find out and understood i had to update the makelangelo firmware, so i followed each steps and when compiling it i got this results:


    and now i don’t know what to do ( again ) would be nice if i could make it work before 2021 .. 🙂

    and merry christmas ..


    Ok, I’m not convinced that reflashing the firmware is the right answer. The code works fine. It’s something in the after-flash settings that is funny.

    I would try this:
    – connect to robot and send D8. record values for L and R.

    • home machine
    • draw rectangle
    • tweak L and R values with D7. adjustments should be small, +/-5.
    • home and draw again. results will have changed.
    • based on change, repeat until satisfied.
    • when satisfied, send D9 to save new calibration

    Does that help?


    so i record L and R values with D8 which are both 1025.00
    then home then draw rectangle
    then changed to different values like 990 900 1000 1005 1010 1020 1030 …
    and this only affected the height of the home position, the deformation is still there


    any idea ?


    So i bought your “makeangelo5″ for 480cad, so its brand new and should work out from the box like anything wish is already mount and the result is that it can’t even draw a basic square .
    All the solutions that you provided are about cheating with length values and even if i tryed everything losing days of work for that, i followed every steps and nothing worked at the end.
    I have lost enough weeks with this thing, i have much better to do than waiting for not coming answers on a forum.

    So now im dealing with a machine that does nothing and is not working when at the same time the money that i sent you was working because as i could see it was taken from my bank account.

    So now im gonna sent you back your ” brand new not working michael angelo 5 ” and there will be two solutions:
    – first you refund my account and everything is fair.
    – second you succeed to make it work and send it back to me working fine.

    kind regards David


    waiting for your answer


    Hi! I have a basic polargraph and I was only able to print right on an A4 sheet.
    I tried to print on an A1 sheet, with different measurements between the motors and the distance between the pen, but it always comes out deformed.
    I needed to print in A1 size for a project, what should I do?


    Your photo links do not load.

    curvature in a picture is nearly always a miscalibration.

    How to fix 9 common Polargraph drawing problems


    I’m having the same problems as user79, it doesn’t make a perfect square, I sent D8 in the Makelangelo software box some values ​​appear for D8, but I don’t understand where I’m going to adjust the values ​​for D7. I have already tried several distances between the engines and from them to the home point and always deconfigure.
    To print in A1 size, what are the measurements between motors and from these to the home point of the pen?


    I managed to solve by playing with the distance between motors and the calibration point of the pen. I moved one of the motors, at the home point of the pen and after several attempts I managed to print perfect.


    Can you tell me more for adjust belts values?
    what is your settings now?


    For size A1 the distance between motors is 63 cm and from these to the home point of the pen is 92 cm, although from the right motor to the point of the pen they are 27 cm. it’s a matter of experimenting.

    medidas para formato A1

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