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    I’m seeking help with a configuration issue with my DrawBot.
    The problem is I can either get the pen to go left-right or up-down, but not both.
    Tried following the instructions in the FAQ on github, but to no avail.

    When I use the “drive manually” feature in the GUI, and press x10, it will move to the right, but when I press y10, it will also move to the right instead of up.
    when I use the “jog motors” invert check box on one motor, it will now only move up and down, also when trying to move sideways.

    tried reversing winding direction on one bobbin,
    tries inverting motors in various combinations,
    and tried crossing the motors in firmware as suggested in the FAQ

    video showing the problem in both “modes” is [youtube:2d1fsi7n]5D9jz4TWgHU[/youtube:2d1fsi7n]


    Great video! You were very thorough.

    Did you configure the limits? Remember that the values on the left and bottom have to be negative. So if your robot is 100cm across you’d say left=-50 and right=50.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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