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    Some people have asked about the rotating air nozzle I built for the Jigsolve and how it could be added to their own projects. This is a good place to have that discussion.


    Here is the situation, my main goal is to build a pick & place only for small prototypes and rework, I will in the future add lower heating plate and eventually hot air from above, I have been trying to buy ( I live in China) rework station and have seen so many this year but none of them is more accurate and efficient than my own hand and old 15$ soldering station, I already have this plot (see attachement) X-Y-Z axis controlled via software windows (Gremote/Gcode) air pump I simply added a manual switch and nozzle rotation at the moment is done manually, I am thinking in case I don’t find someone to help modify software simply add a 2 stepper Joystick and use it to controle A axis for nozzle and airpump as well.


    I purchased

    Connector are both fine KSH04 is for 4mm OD tube and KSH06 is for 6mm OD tube

    and a solenoid valve to release air pressure. Maybe,-TG22-08 will work?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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