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    New home position
    I am moving the homing position to the top center of the board, about 16cm down from the center. This improves the system in two major ways:

    1. the home point will not be covered by the paper on which the robot is drawing. Thus if something goes wrong, you can stop, recalibrate, and “start at” to resume the drawing with minimal error.

    2. I am adding a calibration pattern to the release. I print it without scaling, tape it to the top center of my board, and then I can easily perfectly calibrate the Makelangelo by driving the pen until the shapes match. There is a also a line at the top center of the calibration pattern. Mark the center of your board, match it to the mark on the paper, align the top to edges.

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    New calibration system.

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    In the picture above the circle of the plotter does not quite match the circle on the paper. The circle and the plotter are the same size so when they are concentric you will only see one circle. Concentric means the centers are the same, and Makelangelo software knows where that center spot is located. In order for this to work the pattern must be printed without scaling.

    new landscape mode
    When selecting paper size, you can also click a box for landscape mode. Thanks for the suggestion, Tyler!

    paper margins moved
    Paper margin settings are now on the paper settings panel. It was a low-use option in a high-use area.

    This drawing was stopped, calibrated, and restarted twice with the new method. It was not practically possible in earlier versions.

    Also something I’m trying that’s new and that doesn’t photo well in the light today:
    belt connects to pen holder, goes over pulley, down through a paperclip attached to the counterweight THEN back up to the motor mount where it is attached same as at the other end. This way the bottle only moves half as much up and down so it can’t hit the floor. Should mean larger drawings in the same working area. because the principle also doubles the strength of the belt I had to double the weight of the counterweights. They are now ~200g each. Water bottles are ~1/3 full.


    Interesting idea with the calibration, and especially the weights.

    I wonder whether the belt would react quickly and smoothly enough running through a paper-clip, because the pen will now only move when the weight slips along the belt. Might work better with something like this on the top of the bottle:



    Pardon me for my abhorrent ignorance here. I have a Make 3. I am using Make 7.8.0 software.
    I am unable to print the calibration sheet to make the dimensions right. You say home position now is ‘about 16 cm’ down from top center. That home position puts me a little over the limits(travelwise) of my pen holder because my LCD and Control board are mounted at the top on the face of the board.
    My questions are:
    What is the distance from top center down to center of actual pen holder hole?
    This home position will always be the home position?
    I would assume I have to move LCD and Control board off of the board face and somehow to top edge of board…correct?
    Again…I apologize for these seemingly stupid questions. I am nowhere…and I stress…nowhere…near as brilliant as you brainiacs here. I am an artist damnit….not a rocket surgeon….lol


    Actually….looking at this new blank CD Gondola(which I can’t find plans for) it appears as though 16cm is not the actual ‘home’ position for the actual tip of the marker. It would be to the top of the Clear CD blank on the non-existent Gondola. Fuck…i’m lost….like a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest.


    Watch the setup video for the makelangelo 3.2, it explains the calibration location and proper centering of the pen holder.


    I marked the new home position on board. I set the home position.I make sure machine size and paper size is correct. I hit start and the pen holder goes straight up into my LCD/Control board…I jump up and disconnect the power… What the hell am I doing wrong? arrgh!
    Since I updated Java, I am able to run the Make 7.8.0 software. I am now unable to run my old Master branch software.


    Machine # choices are: 1,107,1075,18059,18060
    Is there a specific machine size I should be selecting here?


    I just don’t know why my machine is acting like this. Everything is set properly and when I click start it goes straight up into my LCD….perhaps the home position isn’t right? I’m using Make 7.8.0 software. 7.8.0 is all I can use now. After the Java update I can no longer use or even start the old master branch, which I had no problem with. Despite the fact that I am having problems even get a proper print to start… I can see that the rectangle aspect of 7.8.0 is causing me to lose a lot of detail somehow.
    Tomorrow I will go into the woods and kill small animals with my slingshot


    sorry for digging this post up but I have looked everywhere and can’t find a solution.
    I have seen the Makelangelo 3.2 setup video but I could not really use it.
    I have a custom polargraph running Makelangelo firmware and software.
    It’s best to show pictures:

    The drawing is from a previous polargraph experiment some years ago. Please ignore.

    My prints come out bowed. I have read How to fix 9 common problems which is a good rough guide. But it doesn’t help me set the home position right.
    I have printed out the calibration pdf (on DIN A4) from the github repository but the horizontal 240mm line is only 210mm. The vertical lines are right.

    Now the problem:
    The pdf is supposed to be pinned top center of the (in my case a wooden 616x1160mm board) board.
    The motor mounts position (which I find really cool with the spring) obviously differ the original Makelangelo. Hence I need to offset the printed pdf relative to what?
    It would be a QoL feature to have a more transparent/comprehensible forumla to attach the calibration pdf.
    I.e. If I would know the reference point for the calibration pdf, using a custom motor mount would be much much more convenient.

    What I can do right now is to emperically set the home position (“Set home”) at different horizontal offset and draw a horizontal line. Rinse and repeat until I am able to draw a straight line. SOMEWHERE on this site/forum I have seen a picture of a Makelangelo where all machine widht/heights/pw width/pw height were overlayed but I am unable to find it again.

    I just found this post. Which explains just what asked. I guess I haven’t look that good.. 🙂


    Picture link maybe working?

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