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    Friends, here’s the situation:

    I have the C rod (7/32″) turning the Tuning Fork part of the robot arm.

    I have the A shaft collar holding the gear on an 8/32″ tube.

    I have the B shaft collar holding a gear on a 9/32″ tube.

    ABC all turn independently.

    At the other end I have three similar gears:

    *Big picture*

    I’m trying to make the gears stay on the tubes. Making plastic stick to metal is hard. A test with a set screw crushed the tube against the stuff inside the tube – bad. cutting a slot in the end of the tube is hard (burring, crushing).

    Currently the shaft collars crack and then slip:

    I haven’t given up yet on making a good shaft collar.
    I’m looking for help to make shaft collars that don’t slip.
    If there’s a better way, please show me!
    I figure you have a 3D printer. Using our parametric shaft collar tool ( some M2x12 screws. M2 nuts, and our torque handle ( the idea is to print two slightly different shaft collars. test until one fails, evolve the failure, repeat until you have two invincible shaft collars. Share your results below!

    *more on the tubes*
    I have tube 9/32″ outside tube 8/32″ outside rod 7/32″. the difference between one item and the next is 1/32″ (0.79375mm). The tube wall thickness is 0.014″. That leaves a gap of 0.01725″ (0.43815mm) total. Each of these three items rotates at different times and speeds and they can’t rub on each other.

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