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    AvatarJim Williams

    Hi Dan,

    You mentioned “give” in the string, and asked if others had seen it. Here’s what I’m doing.

    My drawbot has its steppers at the bottom, with ball bearing pulleys at the top. The goal was to make it easier to set up quickly to draw on a whiteboard. For that, the top pulleys mount on suction cups. The string I’m currently using is 65 lb test braided fishing line. It’s Spiderwire EZ Braid – the cheapest high performance stuff I could find at Walmart. I think it was ~$14 for 110 yards. I think it’s one of the materials with lower “give”.

    The problems I was seeing were damped oscillation wiggles in straight line traces with high accelerations – presumably from resonances between the mass of the pen holder and the string. Shortening the string and going to 65lb from the 30lb I started with helped. On the list of things to do is to try some light monofilament. I think that’s one of the stretchier materials, so I’m expecting to see dramatically larger resonances with it.

    What are others using?



    I did not carefully document my choices of thread :O
    ISO-9000 fail.


    I wish I’d paid more attention to my selection. It’s drawn over 100 pictures without any sign of wear.

    The spool says “Molnlycke Spun Syntet” 274 m (300 yards) which is some kind of nylon. Plain old crafter thread.

    I tried fishing line for a while, but could never quite get it to work without breaking. Hopefully some other user will be more successful, because I would REALLY like to use fishing line to enhance the “invisible pen” effect.


    I’ve used white thread on white board and no one can see it at even a few feet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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