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    After the Makelangelo 5 project my class has a taste for more robots in our room.. even though the M5 is still being “worked out” we need to move to more exciting things. So we are now going to tackle the task of making a Self balancing Arduino robot that can be controlled by a remote.

    Things that have happened so far,
    We have found a fantastic site that is cheap and reliable to source our parts from have kindly agreed to donate some of the things we need to make our class robot.

    we now need to sort out the code. Some of my students have searched the google web for projects that have been done before and we have come across this….

    this is the kind of bot we are after..
    there is an awesome link to his build page.
    that will also point you to where you can get parts for this bot.

    stay tuned to this thread as we progress.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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