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    first official release?

    WASDQE to fly the camera around.

    P to change kinematics mode.

    In forward mode (default), RFTGYH turns each motor.
    In inverse mode, RFTGYH moves the arm tip along XYZ and the arm figures out how to move motor to do the same thing.

    If the robot is connected to the computer, the simulation and the real machine will synchronize.

    The eventual goal is to be able to program the arm without being connected, share programs, etc. Basically… make a game of teaching the robot to do a job. Also teachers will be able to review student’s work, etc. I’d like to see a day where the makelangelo drawing stuff makes it into the Arm3 so it can draw pictures. I’m working on making the robot write your message here (demo’d at maker faires).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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