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    Is there currently a way to pass G-code information to the Arm3 to accomplish tasks such as drawing an image. I tried to use the g-code generation function within Inkscape however the generated G code has some problems:
    1) The units of the g-code are in mm. When I command g0 X10 Y0 Z20 for exampleusing the Arduino serial monitor, this corresponds to (X,Y,Z) = (10cm,0cm, 20cm), not mm so obviously this causes issues. Does anyone have an idea for a workaround for this?
    2) The generated g-code mainly uses G2 or G3 – Controlled Arc Move which isn’t implemented in the Arm3 firmware. Does anyone know of a way to generate G-code for such a purpose without G2 or G3 commands?

    Would love some tips or feedback from others who have attempted a similar task with the Arm3.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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