Robot Arm Tutorials

How to make your robot arm talk to Robot Overlord

Robot Overlord already simulates and drives robot arms. If you are building a new robot arm, it only makes sense to work with Robot Overlord and get the job done faster. Here’s a few tips to get you going faster.

The medium is the message

Robot Overlord can open a serial connection at your chosen baud rate 8-N-1 style. All Robot Overlord commands are less than 64 bytes long and all of them end with a new line (\n) character.

The syntax

Rather than write a long post that might get out date, here’s a link to the Robot Overlord Wiki page with the current syntax and formatting rules.

Note that this list isn’t the canonical list, either – the real deal is in the firmware for the Sixi robot, as that is the robot we currently write to support. In the future and this is out of date, let me know!

Of course talking to the app isn’t enough. You’ll also want to add a model of your arm to Robot Overlord so that the kinematics are correct.

As always we have helpful forums where you can get help with your robot project.


How to use the AS5147 magnetic absolute rotation sensor

The AS5147 magnetic absolute rotation sensor is perfect for measuring robot joint angles. The key here is absolute! A relative rotation sensor like an encoder is very cheap but when you need to always totally unquestionably need to know where your thing is at then you need absolute sensing. In this post I’m going to show you my test setup, wiring, and code so you can get started easy peasy.