Weekly summary ending 2019-03-08

Hey, gang! Happy International Women’s day. On my birthday women celebrate around the world. That never gets old. Something something my ego.

Jin is down with seasonal allergies/mild death and we don’t have our amazing interns any more, so this week has been a little rough.

New! ELEC-0134 Sir Ramps-a-lot Dark Knight

We use the sir-ramps-a-lot board so that our Mega/RAMPs combo can easily control external drivers. Some of the drivers we purchased decided to be contentious and are designed with all their signals reversed, so we needed a sir-ramps-a-lot that was ALSO reversed. Anyways, here it is!


Robot Overlord Adds Sixi Robot Arm

The inverse and forward kinematics are both working great, which means you can move it either way and switch between the two as you see fit. Making the IK and FK code work took me three whole days of agony, so there’s not much progress in other areas this week.

Sixi Robot Rendering

This is pretty close to our vision for the robot. We’ve had it assembled and we’ve even got it moving, but I’m not ready to show it to the world just yet. It’s coming together! I would love to show you some action shots we’ve taken… but these PR things have to be handled just right, you know what I mean? Patience is a virtue.


Now the challenge is to program waypoints and paths (all the beziers!) to build higher-level applications for the arm. Meanwhile Jin is stress testing the cycloid gearboxes and coming up with new ways to make them even better-er.

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