Weekly summary ending 2019-03-01

Hey, gang! Here is what we worked on in the last week, where we are heading next, and how you can join us.

Makelangelo whiteboard hooks

The hooks for mounting a Makelangelo on a whiteboard that Jacob designed are now on Thingiverse. If you can’t print one or you’d like it included with your purchase of a robot, get a set of hooks today.

Makelangelo drawing on glass

Now that the DaGhizmo pen holder is standard I’ve been playing around with drawing on glass. Check it out! I used a pink EXPO Brightstick.

If you’re feeling a little left out because you have an older pen holder made of acrylic or wood, fear not! We have your new pen holder ready.

Sixi Robot knolling

We took the robot apart after some motion testing to inspect the hidden parts. We want to be certain everything inside is good. Turns out the shaft couplers were giving us grief (again). Our next version of the collars won’t even have a split on one side. Instead they’ll be friction fit with a set screw that goes into a hole on the side of each tube.

Sixi Robot electronics enclosure

We have had great fun with our electronics enclosure. I’ve only tried to make one enclosures before. We used an off the shelf enclosure that has nubs in the bottom. The idea is to design a plate that has one set of holes for the electronics and one set of holes that match a few of the nubs. Even when we followed the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) data sheet, we still couldn’t get our laser cut plate to line up with the nubs. That left everyone here scratching their heads.

The box hole pattern
making sure parts fit in the box


Jacob and Scott have finished their internship with us. 😭 With luck we can have them back over spring break or the summer. I say with luck and what I mean is “with luck the Sixi is done”. There’s already so much to do here but that is where I want to delegate them, working on the new bleeding edge of technology with the new hotness.

I would write more but I have to get back to it! There’s firmware to update for the Sixi and components to reassemble. Subscribe to my channels and buy some of the good stuff so we can keep being awesome, k? K. Peace out.