Jigsolve: New pnp nozzle arrived

The new nozzle arrived from RobotDigg. It’s two months late and never included the tracking number I asked for. Also I told them I wanted 150cm wire from the motor and I got 25. Also I told them my hose is 1/4″ ID. Did they include a male/male 1/4″ connector? No.

On the plus side the manufacturing of the part seems OK. @Aidan Leitch‘s soft nozzle seems to fit like a dream.

Every design problem trickles down from the nozzle. Tomorrow I hit the local hose & fitting supplier to get the missing adapter. Once nozzle tests pass, then i mount the camera above the nozzle and build a new z actuator. Then redesign the X carriage to hold the actuator. Then the Y axis. Then the cable management. With a little luck this thing will be working for the holidays.

These days… I find my patience is short and life moves WAY too slowly. I will pay for talented help. Marginally Clever is doing well and could be going so much faster.