Jigsolve: Silicone Suction Nozzles

@Dan Royer enlisted my help in making a soft suction nozzle for the JigSolve. I utilized many of the same techniques and experiences from my soft robotics projects. The result was four nozzles with varying cup sizes. These were the outer diameters of the cups:

  • 7.5mm OD
  • 10mm OD
  • 12mm OD
  • 15mm OD

Each one was 20mm tall. They were casted in 3-part 3D printed molds with Ecoflex 00-50 silicone, but almost any RTV silicone would have worked. All nozzles came out quite nicely and the gripping strength scales roughly with the cup size. I made an Instructables guide and video detailing how I made the nozzles:

Instructables Guide: http://www.instructables.com/id/Silicone-Suction-Grippers/