Automate your Phone App Testing with a Delta Robot

Testing is essential. Testing is repetitive and boring, so humans are bad at it. Automated testing is the way to go. But what do you do when your app is on a phone or a tablet? Someone has to sit there and tap every button… until now.

Justin Engler is a security researcher from ISEC Partners who has been featured in Forbes and speaks at conventions like DEFCON. He will be appearing with this Delta Robot v3 at SXSW Saturday, March 8. If you see him there please tweet us a picture or Vine to @MarginallyC!

While we normally make the frame from oak or birch ply, Justin asked if we could make the frame from acrylic and we were up to the challenge. The blue peels off so the whole device should be clear like glass.

Justin’s future plans include adding a camera and increasing the top speed. Anyone care to do make Angry Birds player?