Quadcopter update

I’ve been on Vacation in Puerto Vallarta the last week and now I’m working my way home. I’m kicking myself for not bringing a quadcopter and filming a few aerial shots of the beach, the zipline tour, or the turtles laying eggs outside our hotel. Not that I’m unhappy – while I was gone a total of EIGHTEEN people signed up for the quadcopter build night at the VHS, eight more than we expected. Fantastic! Now we’re working on getting all the parts. Apparently shipping one box with 18 copies of parts is a LOT more than 18x shipping one kit, even if we ship it as 18 separate boxes. Weird, huh? So we’re on the phone with them trying to sort this out and make is come in on budget.

I really just want to let you know I’m not dead and I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately.

Please don’t feel bad that you’re not on vacation. Take a break and watch this, instead.