2013 Winter Vancouver EL Sale

EL wire is a great way to make yourself more visible on the lower mainland roads or at a party. This winter get some on sale from the only Vancouver source that sells EL ready-to-go in five delicious flavours. Now until the end of November save 17%! You should get one for you and one for your out spoke-n friend.

For cyclists

A pair of bike reflectors will cost you ~$30 and make only one small spot shiny from one angle. EL wire will make your entire bike visible from every angle, even sideways. That jerk who didn’t check his side mirror? He’s going to see you coming from 5 blocks away. EL wire can be flexed and bent into a wide variety of shapes. The smallest bend you should make is around the outside of a $1 coin. Wrap it around your frame or use some clear tape to put it in straight lines down the sides. Put two different colors and turn on the one that suits your mood, or make them both blink if you’re feeling frisky.

For party goers

You can do this with EL wire instead of LEDs, child or adult sized. Tron costume?