Makelangelo update: Adafruit Motor Shield 2 Support Added

Adafruit Motor Shield 2

The update is now available at the Makelangelo github repository. We don’t sell the Makelangelo with a v2 motor shield yet so it will not appear in the release packages…yet.

– moved arduino/arduino.ino to arduino/firmware_arms1
– moved arduino/libraries to arduino/firmware_arms1/libraries
– added arduino/firmware_arms2 for adafruit motor shield 2
– added arduino/firmware_arms2/libraries

The previous release was (finally) version 1. From now on they’ll go up in whole numbers.

I love how adding ellipsis before the end of a sentence makes everything a little bit … ominous.

Edit 2018-07-09: AMS1 and AMS2 are no longer supported by Makelangelo.