Laser Cut Frabjous Tetrahedron Sculpture

Laser cut frabjous tetrahedron sculpture

This is one of my first Laser cutting experiments. Even though this isn’t the best example of what I can cut I feel it’s worth sharing because it helped me get a lot better. I needed a large piece to test the cutting quality across the entire work area of the machine. I also love jigsaws and puzzles, so when I saw this on Thingiverse I knew I had to make one for myself. In several spots the beam didn’t cut all the way through and there was a bit of burning. That showed me where to adjust the settings and fine-tune the calibration.

After cutting the parts I used masking tape to hold it together while I riddled it out. Once it looked right I put a few drops of contact cement on each corner to finish the job.

Now here’s a question about appearances: If it were you, would you show this version or would you re-cut it and only show the perfect second copy? Some people say I look less confident or less skilled because I show work in progress. I think it’s more honest and educational to show how I got where I am. I might have problem but they don’t include confidence issues. What do you think? Please comment.