New Product: Raspberry Pi Model B + 8GB SD w/ Noobs

Raspberry Pi Model B

ELE-0034 Raspberry Pi Model B is a full computer the size of a credit card. Add a keyboard and mouse to use it on the spot or simply connect a network cable to run it over the web. We have successfully run Apache web servers on the office Pi and at our local hackspace a Pi runs the MAME arcade machine with 3000 video games.

RPis do not have a hard drive. Instead they use SD cards. This model includes an 8GB SD card preloaded with Noobs firmware. Plug in your Raspberry, follow the on screen prompts, and you will have one of several flavors of linux running in just a few minutes.

The Pi has two USB connectors – enough for a keyboard and mouse. The Pi also has two kinds of video output and is powered by a micro USB cable.

You may also want a DVI to HDMI cable, a micro USB cable, or a USB powered hub.

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