Early Adopters Should be Rewarded, not Punished

I’ve never understood why early adopters have to pay more. They get hit with all the bugs that were missed in testing. Time and again I read about someone who paid early, waited months, and got a shitty experience. Customers who come later get a smooth ride, they should pay more for the increase in quality. Am I just backwards on this? Crack open that juicy brain of yours and spill your thought-yolks in the comments below.

For that very reason I’ve raised the price on the 3- and 4-armed delta robots. I’m falling behind on production so to slow new orders I’ve made it a little less tempting. If you bought before today, consider it an award for being an early adopter.

Also, here is a picture of the mod I made to the Rotary Stewart Platform last night at the VHS. I’ve put the code in Github and now I’m going to call some suppliers and get an emergency delivery of 100 servos so I can get all these kits out the door. Less dollars for me, more happy for everybody. You can’t take it with you, right?

rotary stewart platform, updated