Robot Arm

Matthew uses Sixi to pick up a block

This will only get better with time.  I’m currently coding a way to record & play back the sixi simulation.

Oh!  If only I had a kinect bar!  I could put the point cloud into the simulation, and then the driver could see the block in the app.  I will have to settle for a raspicam and VLC on the local net.

Robot Arm

Sixi Robot developments 2019-07-16

New OSHPark PCBs arrived

With this we can finally finish the hardware preparation for shipping units, after which we can also get a final bill of materials and start to package DIY kits.  There will be two flavors:

  • DIY kits with all the non-printable parts.
  • DIY kits with everything, including the printed parts.

Collision detection

The software only lets each joint of the robot move within a safe range to prevent wire twisting or other potential damage.  That piece of code does not consider the angle of joint A in relation to the value of some other joint B.  So it was still possible to make the arm hit itself.

This new collision detection code prevents each bone of the arm from colliding with other bones of the arm.  At present it is a crude collision detection system, using only the box around each joint.

Also now that these boxes have been calculated, the center of each box is known.  the mass of each bone can be pulled from the Fusion360 model, and then a point-mass physics model can be created to simulate forces like gravity.  This gets us closer to dynamics like push-to-teach and telling the arm “please push on this item with a force of N newtons”


Next we’ll be assembling the new shoulder design with the PCBs that should allow us to unplug the umbilical from the arm and the control box.  I’m thinking Twitch stream?  Maybe just a Youtube Live, given the recent Amazon protests.  Choice of evil companies… hmm…

3D Printing Makelangelo Robot Arm

Weekly summary ending 2018-02-15

Hey, gang! Here is what we worked on in the last week, where we are heading next, and how you can join us.

Welcome Jacob & Scott

We have new interns! Our factory grows! Mwhahahahaha~! I get these two bright young men for three whole weeks and I am working them tirelessly to breaking beneath the unforgiving whip of industry on every project that we’ve been saving as “great if we had more unfiltered evil time”.

Among their first tasks has been converting some of the STL files we use into Fusion 360 versions so that we can tweak them; testing parts they designed;

practicing their maniacal laughter; and repairing a 3D printer that has an unfortunate accident

New Dozuki Process Control

Scott & Jacob have also been building new documentation for our team, DIYers, and new users. Documenting our process means more control and better quality. I love Dozuki ever since I saw it used by Prusa Printers. Check out the start of our documentation.

Sixi Robot Arm Anchor and Shoulder First Look

Yes! The first version of the anchor and the shoulder have been birthed from the primordial ooze printed. As soon as come back from Lunar New Years and ship our parts (we expect delivery ~the 20th) then we’ll be putting it together and finally conquering the planet making it move.

Get Educated

I’m back in school to up my game!

First off, Mandarin. I keep ordering fancy parts from China and I hear all the best deals are on chinese-only sites like Taobao. It is easier to convince people that robots are the future if I speak their language. One in six people understands Mandarin so it’s the obvious choice.

Second off, professional Machinist courses. I’ve signed up to take CNC lathe work at BCIT and their classroom is a machine porn wet dream.


Next week we have a scheduled power outage for another electrical upgrade to the super ray. I plan to spend the time at Vancouver’s Science World wreaking havoc filming footage for a new Makelangelo video. We don’t plan to be there more than once for this, so I’m drawing schemes storyboards for the first time. Nice!

Join Us

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You can use this file to build your own copy of the robot arm.  Put that 3D printer you bought to use – Make it your own! Share your creation with others!  That’s what open source is about.  If you build one we would love to share it with others.  I am actively seeking talent… show me what you got.

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Special thanks to Bernie at Coast Precision CNC that saw my broken printer Instagram post and offered me one of his spare thermistors. We were back up and running the same day! Excellent.