The missing Spot Micro PCB is here!

So you built a Spot Micro (or you want to) and – because you’re very clever – you read the instructions first. You probably noticed there’s a section where you have to build a PCB from scratch. For a lot of people, that’s beyond their skill level …for now. In the meantime, nothing should hold you back from building a sweet walking robot dog, amiright? Cool.

Here’s a board we used in the past for a stewart platform, which are a type of robot you can read about elsewhere on this site. It’s a good start for driving a robot dog. ELEC-0132 stewart platform board was designed for 11 PWM signals out and 6 analog values in. I’m betting that one of them can be used as an extra out signal to drive all 12 motors in the Spot Micro’s legs.

The boards are made by OSHPark and you can get them here:

But maybe wait until I test this theory. If I do this post will be updated with a part 2 right here: