DIY 3D Printing a Slew Bearing

Printed this bearing to try and reduce number of parts and shave weight without breaking the bank.  Pretty good for a first try.  Right now I’m mostly getting ready for the Bay Area Maker Faire, then I’m going to put some bevelled gears in the wrist and move up to 5DOF.  There’s a lot of people asking for a 3D printer nozzle on this thing, so I’m going to get in the gear and see about making that happen over the summer.

Oh yeah, follow the link above to get the STL file and the Instructables link if you want to make your own.  Please tell your friends, skull, and comment.


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Kinect based art project

An 8 foot pole, atop which are 9 Kinect bars facing outward. Their cameras cover 360 degrees around the pole, and together they create a color 3d map of the entire surroundings. The user wears 3D goggles like Occulus Rift and can see themselves in the third person, look behind themselves without turning, peek around corners, and more. Imagine combining it with a UAV or a live satellite feed!

I could probably come up with a lot of BS about human interaction, the nature of technology in society, man’s relation to himself when reduced to an avatar, etc… but the truth is I think it’s just a really neat idea.