$600.00 CAD

Rotary Stewart Platform v2



Stewart Platforms provide the realistic movement necessary for flight simulators, and are also used in robotic surgery. Normally they are only seen in universities, because students have to build custom machines for specific applications. As part of Raising Robot Literacy, we believe in making a standardized and affordable robot available "off the shelf". Making robots more accessible to more people, and helping to promote their use and understanding.


  • 1500g static holding force (worst case, tested to failure)
  • +/-20 degrees pitch & roll (theoretical max)
  • 10 degrees yaw (theoretical max)
  • +/-40mm heave, surge, and sway (theoretical max)
  • Runs on GCODE. Understands G00,G01,G
  • Limit switches & homing (G28)
  • Measures 165mm across the top, 230mm across the base, 190mm high at rest, ~230mm at center position
  • Weighs ~1650g. 150g less and it could carry a copy of itself!

Mounting holes on top plate have been planned for an extra 7th axis (full yaw rotation).

Kit contents

  • 1 ELEC-0038 RUMBA motion controller + A4988 Polulu drivers
  • 6 ELEC-0003 Stepper Motor, NEMA17, 12v0.3a
  • 1 ELEC-0043 USB Cable, A to mini B, 2m
  • 1 ELEC-0042 Power Supply 12v3a, NEMA 1-15 ungrounded
  • 1 Power cable, 5.5x2.1
  • 6 MECH-0033 Switch, Micro SPDT, 15A, V-152-1C25
  • 1 laser cut parts
  • 6 MECH-0044 Threaded rod, M3*150mm
  • 6 MECH-0024 M3x5 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 18 MECH-0026 M3x15 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 18 MECH-0029 M3 hex nut
  • 12 Traxxas ball joints
  • 10 MECH-0034 Zip tie, 2*60mm, white


Assembly Instructions

Thingiverse has all the DXF files if you want to laser-cut your own copy.


Please see our Stewart Platform Forum.

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