3D Printing

Marginally Clever currently uses Prusa 3D printers with a print volume of 200mm x 250mm x 250mm. Each layer printed by our Prusas is as little as 0.07mm high. The nozzle hole is 0.35mm in diameter.

Marginally Clever 3D prints exclusively in PLA plastic. We can print your item in a wide variety of colors.

How does 3D printing work?

Almost anything can be 3D printed with the right design. 3D printers work by laying down material one layer at a time. Imagine building a miniature house made from tiny bricks. Layering from the foundation up, you can make your miniature in any shape. You can even print an archway if it curves gently enough.

Shapes with overhangs (a ceiling with nothing to hold it up) can’t be 3D printed. To work around this, a shape can be printed on its side or thin columns can be added to support the floating shape. Support structures then need to be manually removed and cleaned off after the print is finished.

We have successfully printed gears that mesh, all kinds of robot parts, figurines, and even a 3D jigsaw puzzle. There are limitless functional and artistic uses for 3D prints.


Unlike our competitors, there is NO SETUP FEE and NO MINIMUMS to access our services. Our pricing is a flat fee of $1.50/minute, including the cost of the ABS plastic.

How to Order

To quote your 3D printing project, we need an STL file from you. All major design software that we’re aware of now come with an “Export” or “Save As…” option to create an STL file. Upload your STL file to your DropBox account and copy the file link into the form below.

Please include maximum dimensions in your project description. Not all STL files are the same. If we have all the correct information, we will provide you with a quote within 1 business day.

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