Skycam frame assembled, Burning Man Life Tree CNC work

I’ve made a cube from 2x4s recycled from a home reno project. On each side I’ve put a drawbot. On the box in the front left corner I put my laptop. The laptop is running custom software that delivers gcode to each drawbot and they’re running modified drawbot code that understands the third dimension. The four strings are connected together at a tool that can be moved with GCODE to almost any point inside the cube. Before I take this project to the New Forms Festival 2012 I’ll be sure to rebuild the cube with some CNC’d corner braces and some property slot-fitted joints that will make it very rigid and aesthetically pleasing.

I built this in my garage while members of the Burning Man 2012 Life Tree project were using my 8×4 BlackToe CNC to cut parts for their burnable art project. Looks like they’ll be in my garage for the next week or so as they cut 100 leaves. Maybe we’ll celebrate at the end with a great big backyard BBQ?

To speed up the manufacturing I’m going to cut one stencil of each of the 4 leaf types. Members will then be able to trace one leaf onto another, drill some pilot holes, and then use jigsaws to cut the rest. Should go much faster than trying to CNC everything.

I’ve got to post to the GVIAS and advertise my skills. It’s great that artists want to make giant wooden sculptures. It sucks that they get an idea stuck in their heads that is hard to build, hard to transport, and hard to setup on-playa. Having worked with a few different groups over the years now I think I’ve developed a bit of experience in this area. By getting involved earlier when the project is being sketched out I could help to build a design plan that meets the artist’s needs and keeps the manufacturing costs to a minimum.

Today’s goal is to get the Life Tree members up & running, finish cutting the templates, and then I’ll be mudding drywall all afternoon.


Skycam in LEGO NXT with three motors

Though Stavros calls it a back scratching robot, it’s the same thing. And really, they’re both just delta robots that use strings instead of rigid arms. Different evolutions, same result. Enough gum flapping, let’s get to the video!

Check out more on his site!