Makelangelo Spirograph Art

Making spirograph art is easy on the Makelangelo. Here’s a few examples of how you can generate beautiful geometric patterns and spirograph art. Post your favorites to the forums!

Makelangelo Spirograph Art with Scratch

Export the output from Scratch, load the SB file in Makelangelo Software, and proceed as normal.

Makelangelo Spirograph Art with Processing

void setup() {
  float r=225;
  float a = 0;
  println("G0 Z90");
  println("G0 Z30");
  while(r>15) {
  println("G0 Z90");

void driveto(float r,float a) {
  float x = sin(radians(a)) * r;
  float y = cos(radians(a)) * r;
  println("G0 X"+x+" Y"+y);

Copy/paste the output into a file called “test.ngc”, open that file in Makelangelo-Software, and proceed and normal.