Jigsolve: see all the pieces at once with the new Google Map system

Jigsolve project is running at Science World in Vancouver. I felt that it could be a little easier to play. Building on top of the existing camera code and movement code, I taught the robot a new trick: At the click of a button it moves the robot in a grid and takes photos of the entire table. These photos are then checked into the Github repository along with an index.html. If you surf to the index page you can see all the photos as a google map.



Why Artificial Intelligence Won’t Kill Everyone

It’s great fun to wave your hands in the air and yell about the Terminators killing everyone, just as it’s fun to pretend the zombie werewolves are coming or the undetectable sky man has had enough. Today I’d like to make the case that the AI could prolong the human race – even prevent an apocalypse.