Jigsolve: iterating on gantry design

The suction is tested; the up/down is tested; the rotation is tested. Now the working head has to be mounted on the gantry, which is forcing @lethic to redesign the side carriages:

and then make the corner mounts of the gantry change to match as well. Both have to be changed before we can test. It’s not a one-at-a-time kind of deal. Boo!

So! We have progress, which is nice. I have to resurrect the IRC bot and check all that software that was ready a year ago is still working. I’m also trying to make a new jigsaw puzzle that won’t have the tight fitting pieces, as well as organize a collaboration with an art gallery or science museum to host our robot while the “game” is running. (I lost the game.)

Somehow I’ve gone from being a person who makes robots to a person who talks about the awesome robots he is paying other people to make. Is that a step up? Only if I can find a way to do it even more.